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Great Plains

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Our ancient ancestors created images on the walls of caves to tell stories about the world around them and the animals they shared it with - and perhaps they, like you, played games to make those stories come to life...

Great Plains is a mysterious game about a not-so-mysterious behavior of our kind: two players competing for the dominance over the Great Plains! With help from the spiritual animal world, they overcome hills, cross the lowlands, and invade each other's territory in order to become the tribe who will live on.

7 Double-sided Tablets
6 Cave Tiles
9 Animal Tiles
40 Tribe Tokens
1 Rule Book

Ages: 10+
Players: 2
Game Length: 20 minutes

Game Type:
Game Type:
2-Player Game
Game Type:
Maximum Players:
Minimum Players:
Minimum Recommended Age:

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