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Syrian Armor at War Vol.1 REF008

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This is the 8th edition of the reference series sent by Abrams Squad.

A battlefield photo book that records almost all military vehicles operated by various armed groups that are in conflict during the long and confusing Syrian civil war.
This civil war that started in 2011 is still going on.

We have carefully selected and posted a large number of photos of various types of weapons, from AFVs such as Russian tanks and armored vehicles fighting on this shocking battlefield to instant self-propelled artillery modified from ordinary cars.

This photobook is not intended for political or historical annotations.

T-54, T-55 (T-55A / T-55M / T-55AMV), T-62, T-62M, T-72, T-72 Ural and other subtypes, ZSU-23-4 Silka anti-aircraft Trucks, pickups, BMPs and much more

72 pages, softcover, English

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