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  • Dungeons & Lasers: Miniature Terrain Vault 7

    Archon Studio

    Dungeons & Lasers: Miniature Terrain Vault 7

    Module walls and floors with 30mm grid system for tabletop games in 28mm scale.Supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. Contents:3 Long Walls6 Short Walls3 Short Floor Tiles3 Long Floor Tiles38 Floor Clips10 Wall Clips

  • Battle Systems: Fantasy Village

    Battle Systems

    Battle Systems: Fantasy Village

    This box contains all the terrain you need for a complete gaming table in a quaint village setting, suitable for many 28-35mm fantasy and historical games. You can tightly pack the terrain into a small skirmish board or spread it out over a larger table...

  • Battle Systems: Northern Settlement

    Battle Systems

    Battle Systems: Northern Settlement

    Simple sharpened tree trunks are the mainstay defences for many far-flung settlements and remote cities. Fashioned into houses, stables, halls and walls these primitive materials have a certain charm, and can be surprisingly resilient. This box...

  • Dungeon Craft

    1985 Games

    Dungeon Craft

    Dungeon craft is a loose-leaf book inside a custom box. The pages are a thick 12pt cardstock with a laminate coating to make the pages water-resistant and dry/wet-erase. The book contains 1000 reversible terrain pieces that you can cut out and place on...

  • TerrainCrate: Dungeon Starter

    Mantic Entertainment

    TerrainCrate: Dungeon Starter

    Designed to suit any table-top RPG, this great set includes loads of terrain to fill out your dungeon, 4 heroes to delve into its depths, loads of varied minions - from orcs to undead - for them to face, and a final boss in the form of a towering...

  • TerrainCrate: Treasury

    Mantic Entertainment

    TerrainCrate: Treasury

    Perfect to represent the final area of a dungeon or the inner vaults of a dragon's hoard, this set includes material wealth of every kind! You'll find piles of gold coins, chests, crowns, armour and weapons, including the fabled sword in the stone.....

  • TerrainCrate: Dark Lord's Tower

    Mantic Entertainment

    TerrainCrate: Dark Lord's Tower

    For those who like to dabble in the dark arts, this set is perfect to fill an evil lair or a cult's temple. There's a magical portal, a summoned demon, cobwebs, a spider, an evil crow, plus loads of traps to deter goody-two-shoes adventurers.28-30mm...

8 of 8 Items