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  • Carrier Aviation in the 21st Century

    Harpia Publications

    Carrier Aviation in the 21st Century

    The modern aircraft carrier is without doubt one of the most exciting and hazardous operating environments in the field of warfare. The ‘flattop’ is a symbol of global military power without parallel, and it remains a capability beyond reach of all...

  • German Battleships 1909-1919

    Classic Warship Publications

    German Battleships 1909-1919

    This volume is a photographic history of the key classes of the “Dreadnought” type battleships of the “Kaiser’s Navy,” also known as the Imperial German Navy, from the Nassau, Helgoland, Kaiser, König and Bayern classes, that formed the...

  • USN Destroyer Escorts WW2

    Osprey Publishing

    USN Destroyer Escorts WW2

    The Destroyer Escort was the smallest ocean-­going escort built for the United States Navy - a downsized destroyer with less speed, fewer guns, and fewer torpedoes than its big brother, the fleet destroyer. Destroyer escorts first went into production...

  • Spanish vs English Galleon

    Osprey Publishing

    Spanish vs English Galleon

    Between 1550-1600, Europe witnessed a rapid evolution in the art of ship design which enabled safer and more efficient transatlantic travel. This was the pinnacle of the Age of Discovery and Exploration for the European powers, in which the galleon...

6 of 6 Items