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Is everything really in stock?


Now having enthusiastically answered in the affirmative, let's go over one caveat. 

We are still a small store having opened in November 2020. Sometimes you will be looking at the last of that item available in our store. It's rare, but possible that you could click on an item, and then when you go to check out, the item has "disappeared."

We promise, this is not a "bait and switch!"

Our store shows products in real time, so if someone else gets to an item you want before the transaction is finished, our website updates instantly and BAM! It's gone. *sad face*

Think of it as losing a Black Friday fistfight. 

We hope this never happens to you, but if it does, please send a message HERE. Include the item that you wanted and we will get it on order for you!

We really appreciate when you consider taking the minute or two to let us know. This helps us adjust in real-time to your future needs.

We are working hard to grow into our big shoes, and your support and patience means the world to us!

This should be rare, but we think it's worth it to only show what is in stock at this very moment.