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Is everything really in stock?

Shopping online isn't quite like browsing our store in person. We understand that, but we do try to make it the best experience for our online community as we can.

There are a couple ways to browse our web store.

Think of the first way like you're walking in our store and "just looking." You don't need help. You want to take your time and browse. Look around! Click on the categories up top and use the filters to narrow down your search. Everything you see when you are browsing this way should be in stock. 

If there is an inventory discrepancy (we are a small business, it's rare but can happen), we will refund you and send you a personal message letting you know what happened. If we can, we will always try to track down an item for you, but either way, we will let you know and handle it how you prefer. This is the way you can search what is "In Stock" without worrying that you'll click through just to find it's not in stock.

Sometimes people know what they want and like to ask if we carry their item. Our search function allows customers to search for all products in our database, even if they are no longer in stock. Think of using the search bar as coming in the store and asking for help. The search might show exactly what you need, but when you click on it, you may see a message letting you know it's not in stock anymore. We had it once, but don't now. You can send us a message right from that page asking us to bring it back in for you (if we can). 

In this way, when you browse the categories using the filters, you are seeing what is on our shelves in real-time. When you use the search function, you are asking us if we have it. Often the answer is, "Here it is!" Sometimes the answer to that is, "Oh, we used to, but it's not in stock anymore."

We hope this helps everyone choose the experience that is best for them.