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How Do Pre-Orders Work?

What is a “pre-order”?

LionHeart Hobby is able to take orders for products that are not yet commercially available. This is called a “pre-order”. Pre-ordering guarantees that your product will be shipped (or be available to pick-up in our store) once it is in stock and ready. 

When do I pay for my pre-order?

All pre-orders are paid at the time the order is placed. Please keep in mind that “expected to ship” times are an estimate and LionHeart Hobby does not have any control over manufacturer delays, but we will do our best to keep information accurate and updated. As we are all aware, most industries are affected by delays and we are certainly not immune. We have an open door and welcome you to ask questions or request updates at any time. 

Do I have to pre-pay for an item in order to receive it?

Not necessarily. There are some products with limited runs and heavy allocations that you may not be guaranteed to receive if you do not pre-order. However, if you would like to reserve a product without pre-ordering and paying for it, you may send us your request via our Contact Form. We will contact you when the product arrives in our store and you may purchase it at that time. 

How do I place a pre-order?

Items available for pre-order have a “PRE-ORDER NOW” button showing. When you click that button, your item will go into your cart, just like any other item that you are ordering. You will then go through the normal checkout process, just like you would for any order. 

How will I know when my pre-order has shipped?

LionHeart Hobby notifies customers via email anytime an order is ready to be picked up in store or when it ships, depending on which method you choose at checkout. If your order is shipped, you will also receive a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your package. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: An order that contains both pre-ordered AND in-stock products will not leave our warehouse until ALL ITEMS are in-stock and available to ship. This means that you could experience significant delays receiving your in-stock items. We recommend removing any pre-ordered items from your cart and placing a separate order to avoid this.