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1/48 Crusader Mk.III AA Tank 32546

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The British Crusader was the result of the need for a swift "cruiser" type tank that was inspired by the Russians and their own Walter Christie influenced vehicles. The Crusaders began service in 1941 in the North African Operation Battleaxe. Faster than German counterparts, it still lacked in the way of armor and armament, yet it served valiantly until new designs could be acquired.

In order to compete as a mobile anti-aircraft gun, a Bofors 40mm cannon was added to the MK.III and mounted to an open-topped turret, becoming the Crusader AA Mk.I. The Crusader AA Mk.II used 2 20mm Oerlikon cannons modified enough that it eventually became the Mk.III. The Mk.III freed up space in the gun turret by moving the radio system to the hull. In total, 600 AA Mk.II/Mk.IIIs were produced serving throughout Europe and during the Normandy campaign. When fully assembled, this 1/48 scale model measures 125mm long.


  • Crusader Mk.III AA Tank - Military Miniature Series No.46
  • 1/48 scale model kit
  • Features newly molded parts for the side skirts and armor
  • Details meticulously reproduced to depict the 20mm cannons, ammo drums, and internal parts
  • Features a balanced and hefty die-cast metal chassis for extra realism
  • Tracks are easy to assemble with the one-piece straight sections and the upper region produces a natural sag effect
  • Includes two marking options