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Ally: Wandering Wizard

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More often than not, wizards are found in the dusty towers of some university or lord’s citadel, hovering over tomes and muttering to themselves. Sometimes though a wizard will decide there is more to be learned about their craft out in the wide world. The Wandering Wizard left the College of Elemental Arts in Altanus to roam Isarshael in pursuit of ever greater knowledge of rock and stone and their many secrets. He is free to join any freeband and does so often, finding their quests both amusing and rewarding. The Wandering Wizard may replace the Caster in any freeband as an Ally [Independent].

The Wandering Wizard is a 32mm Freeblades model made of white metal in two pieces (body, staff) and 25mm round plastic base. Supplied unpainted, assembly required. Sculpted by Micah Nichols.