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Black Panel Line Accent 87131

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Tamiya Panel Line enamel paints are perfect for highlighting panel lines and other details to give your model a more realistic depth. The paint has been pre-diluted into the ideal viscosity so that it is easy to apply with the brush on top of bottle cap, making sure not to waste any precious paint! Once dried, you can remove excess by using Tamiya Enamel Thinner which will help clean up those pesky mistakes in no time at all.

Note: Tamiya Panel Line accent colors may cause plastic parts to become brittle. Avoid using these paints on movable pieces and make sure you apply it with care if the paint is going onto a load-bearing area of your model, as they can easily damage underlying base coats like lacquer or acrylics. Make sure that before applying this color over any flat base coat colors you do some testing first, otherwise Accent Color paints could permeate more readily through other layers in an undesirable fashion and potentially ruin what was already completed.

Product Type:
Enamel Detail