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Errikson's Single d6 - LIMITED EDITION for PRIDE

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LionHeart Hobby is proud to partner with Robotronix Dice to bring this LIMITED EDITION incredible hand-poured and painted, sharp-edged Single D6 to our community. 

Errikson's Single d6 was created using the colors of the Trans Flag for PRIDE. 100% of the profit from the sale of this set will benefit D&D playing teens in the LGBTQIA+ community at Out Youth.

For 32 years, Out Youth has supported Central Texas LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults by providing safe places where they are loved, acknowledged, and accepted for exactly who they are. Their life-saving and life-changing programs and services ensure these promising young people develop into happy, healthy, successful adults. Out Youth hosts a variety of programs to keep their youth mentally and physically safe such as drop-in time's at their youth community center, by offering free individual counseling and group therapy sessions, and through their in-school-support services. To find out more information about ways to get involved and about their services, please visit today.

Among many events that Out Youth provides for their community, they host Teen D&D Night every Friday night. Nothing makes D&D more exciting (besides great people to adventure with) than source books, cool accessories, and DICE. Your purchase will be used to provide (at cost) these teens with an array of materials to make all their adventures fun!

Errikson's Single d6 is 16 mm.