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Euro Game Card Sleeves (100) 59 x 92

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Please note that these sleeves are for cards of about 59 MM X 92 MM in size. That means the sleeves themselves are 61 MM X 94 MM to allow for the thickness of the sleeves themselves and to get the cards in and out of the sleeves. If they were exactly 92 MM long then the tops of the cards would rub when handled and wear the cards out.

Take a look at this list of games who's cards will fit perfectly in these sleeves:

Agricola (350+ Cards), Balloon Cup, Battlelore, Blue Moon City, Dominion (500+ cards), Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Dual In the Dark, For Sale, Jambo & Expansion, Kahuna, Knights of Charlemagne, La Havre, Lord Of The Rings & Expansions, Lord Of The Rings Trivia, LOTR Confrontation, Olympia 2000, Relationship Tightrope, San Juan, Starship of Catan, Stone Age, Taj Mahal and Top Race!