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Flesh and Blood: Round the Table Release Event

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Date of event: 

Saturday, September 30th

Start time:

1:00 PM


LionHeart Fulfillment: 5500 FM 2770, Suite 110 (7 doors down from the retail store)

About the event: 

Celebrating the release of the new Ultimate Pit Fight sealed product Round the Table, a collaboration between LSS and Tolarian Community College. Join 3 friends in a fun 4 person social game of flesh and blood. Each player will use a pre-constructed Blitz deck provided in the Round the Table kit (see description below).


Each player will use one blitz deck from their Round the Table box provided upon entry. Players will sit down at tables of 4 to play a game of Ultimate Pit Fight. There will be 8 players in total in 2 separate games. Once round one is finished, players will be randomized into new tables of 4 players for the final round.


$75 (Includes Round the Table Kit)

Event prize structure: 

 A pack for participating and first and second each round get a pack from Tales of Aria

About the Round the Table Kit:

Legend Story Studios is proud to team up with The Professor, one of the world’s leading advocates of social gaming, to get you Round the Table enjoying great games with your friends, family, and fellow gamers.

Flesh and Blood Round the Table: TCC x LSS contains 4 ready-to-play Blitz Decks designed for fun-flowing Ultimate Pit Fight (UPF) multiplayer gameplay, featuring over 100 new cards, a 24” rubber playmat, and all packaged inside a Teklo Industries 1000ct storage box!

Product Configuration:

  • 4 pre-constructed decks, each containing 40 cards + 1 rainbow foil hero, 1 weapon, 4 equipment, and token cards
  • Cold foil weapons for The Professor, Melody, and Brevant
  • 1 rubber playmat with zones
  • Packaged inside a reusable storage box
  • Designed for Ultimate Pit Fight multi-player. (Cards are also legal in other formats.)