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Gundam HG Blazing Battlogue 2555019

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A customized MS based on the concept of God Gundam's twim mobile suite.

It was inspired by the concept of the Rising Gundam and the Shining Gundam.

The joints of each part have a wide range of articulation to maintain the image of close-combat focus mobile suite.

The emerald green shining rider kick is reproduced with clear green effect parts.

A pair of beam tonfas are equipped, and the beam effect parts can be attached.

The maskless face can be reproduced by swapping parts.

  • Beam Blade ×2
  • Beam Tonfa ×2
  • Grip for Beam Saber ×2
  • Kick effect parts ×1
  • Foil stickers ×1
  • Hand parts ×1 set

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