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Inside the Victories of Richthofen V2

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This is a heavily-illustrated, comprehensive summary of all 80 victories of the famous Red Baron, the leading ace of WWI. Full details of each victory are given, including color profiles of the aircraft flown by Richthofen, the type and serial of the downed aircraft, the names of the crewmen and their fate, etc. So much information is provided that two volumes were necessary.

Volume 2 covers von Richthofen’s career from his wounding in action on 6 July 1917 until his death in action and has 163 photos (44 in color) and color profiles in its 234 pages. It has a comprehensive discussion of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a potential contributor to von Richthofen’s death in action and extensive coverage of his souvenirs together with statistics on his combat career.