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Kings of War: 3rd Edition - Uncharted Empires

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The lands of Pannithor are vast and varied. Civilisations rise and fall and the endless struggle for balance in the world dominates all. This book expands on the background presented in the Kings of War rulebook and explores more of the lands of men, as well as delving into the histories of many of the other races forging their own empires in the world.This book presents the backgrounds and army lists of new factions, to further enhance your options as you fight for the fate of the world of Pannithor.

Uncharted Empires contains 12 new army lists and, for the first time, players have access to Army Themes. These allow a variant of one of the game's Master Lists and help add new flavor to an existing army to represent a different faction with similar roots. They are a great way to introduce many sub-factions and minor players of the world into your games.

The 12 new armies introduced in this book are:

• The Brotherhood Orders
• Free Dwarfs
• Salamanders
• Sylvan Kin
• The Herd
• Kingdoms of Men
• The League of Rhorida
• Ratkin & Ratkin Slaves
• Twilight Kin
• Varangur