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Kobolds Ate My Baby! (the Orange Book)

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Kobolds are bad at everything they do, except for cooking, This is quite ironic since they are marvelous when cooked (especially when served with a nice dipping sauce). Kobolds are silly, chaotic, and short – much like their lives – and no one really likes them very much (especially not Vor, the Big Red Angry God).

In this game, you are a KOBOLD! You will most likely die a few horrible deaths. You will probably get eaten, possibly by your friends. You may be slain by Chickens. You may burn up in a town (you probably started the fire). You may even explode into tiny chaos particles after causing a paradox involving 3d6, a wizard’s wand, and some gas station sushi!

The cult-classic, crowd-pleasing, hysterical RPG of Kobolds behaving badly is back! This new version in faster, easier, and deadlier than ever before!