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My Little Pony RPG: Core Rulebook

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Embrace the Magic of Friendship!

Step into the captivating realm of the My Little Pony Roleplaying Game, where players have the opportunity to forge their very own unique pony characters for an enchanting storytelling adventure brimming with friendship and magic. Within this immersive game, participants unite to confront a multitude of Threats and challenges not only in Equestria but also beyond, guided by their Game Master. The Game Master can either weave intricate tales using pre-written adventures found in the Core Rulebook and supplements, or they can spark fresh narratives using the adventure hooks thoughtfully provided within the book.

Highlighted Features:

Craft your own one-of-a-kind Pony character
Comprehensive rulebook tailored for weaving your very own My Little Pony tales
With one player steering the narrative as the Game Master, the story comes alive for 2–5 additional players
Presents an inaugural story perfect for a newfound circle of friends
Presented in a full-color, hardcover format, complete with a delicate satin ribbon bookmark

Book Overview:

Hardcover Edition in Vibrant Full Color
Adorned with a Satin Ribbon Bookmark
Recommended for Ages 14 and Up
The age rating assigned to this game reflects the age at which an individual can independently immerse themselves in the game and derive the intended experience. This isn't to imply that younger children cannot partake; quite the opposite. It is simply suggested that players under 14 have a companion aged 14 or above to ensure a fulfilling experience.