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Pigment Brushes Set 7610

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Contains AMMO Precision Pigments brushes, made with top quality short hairs and flat tip, specially designed to achieve maximum performance in the application of dry pigments.

This new set includes two different sizes of pigment brush: 4 and 8. The brushes are easy to use: simply load the brush with the desired pigment and apply it onto the models surface as usual, or rub the pigment onto the surface to make it stick without the need to add a fixer. This will also allow you to blend and mix different tones to create smooth transitions. These brushes are the perfect tool for working with AMMO's range of pigments.

This set includes the following AMMO brush references:

A.MIG-8704 4 AMMO Precision Pigment Brush
A.MIG-8705 8 AMMO Precision Pigment Brush
A.MIG-8575 Dust Remover Brush 1 – 1 pc.