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The Art of Ana Polanscak

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This 112-page book is the third in an ongoing series of publications that presents the glorious miniatures artwork of artists from around the globe in full-color, quality photos, supported by descriptions from the arists themselves.

THE ART OF... ANA POLANSCAK - For more than a decade, Ana Polanscak has been creating her own miniature worlds. Initially these worlds were a part of other wargaming settings, but over time they have been fleshed out and been made firmly her own. Ana, a professional miniatures artist, blends elements of European folklore with her own spin on classic tales.

Ana’s dark and often macbre style is instantly recognizable and deeply intriguing. Not only is her conversion and paint work incredible in it’s own right; the way she presents her miniatures and worlds through her photography is art as well.

In this volume, Ana guides us through the principles she uses to create her mysterious and magical worlds through the miniatures and scenery she builds. Are you ready to explore the darker corners of Ana’s imagination brought to life?