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XF-1 Flat Black Mini

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Tamiya acrylic paints are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush painting or air-brushing. These paints can be used on styrene resin, Styrofoam, wood, plus all of the common model plastics. The paint covers well; flows smoothly and blends easily with other colors too! Prior to curing these paints can just be washed away with plain water - no mess at all!

When airbrushing make sure to use any of the following Tamiya thinners: 81020, 81030, 81040, 81520, 87077.

X designated colors have a glossy finish while XF designated colors are flat finish. The paint can be thinned for airbrushing using Tamiya X-20A Acrylic thinner, and Tamiya Lacquer Thinner. The use of Tamiya lacquer Thinner will result in faster drying results and a harder finish. Use of Tamiya Paint Retarder (87114) results in a smoother, brushstroke free finish.

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